Pummarola Vampire Survivors Massive Wiki All You Need To Know in 2022

Pummarola Vampire Survivors is a time survival horror game. You play as a character who has to survive as long as possible as hoards of adversaries come marching your way. When you kill adversaries, you get gems that count as experience. There are over 30 achievements in the game, multitudinous of them revolving around you surviving for a certain period of time. The Pummarola achievement is one of them. Vampire Survivors is a roguelike shoot’em up video game developed and published by Luca Galante, also known as poncle. It was released in early access on December 17, 2021.

The player controls an automatically attacking character while fighting against continuous swells of monsters, with the thing being to survive the rush for as long as possible and unlock fresh characters, munitions, and bones for posterior sessions. In malice of the game’s name and pivotal art, none of the variety of monsters encountered are predators. To unleash this achievement, you will need to survive at least five beats with Gennaro. Gennaro is an unlockable character who can be bought for 650 coins, He starts off with two cutters.

The easiest way to survive the five beats as Gennaro is upgrading his projectile speed, upgrading his munitions, and movement speed. This way, his munitions can come out presto and do a ton of damage. With the addition of better movement speed, you ’ll be suitable to swiftly maneuver out of adversaries ’ way. This is especially helpful when you start to get crowded by them.

How to unlock the Pummarola Vampire Achievement in Vampire Survivors

Like many other games, this one is very much appreciated. Many people show a lot of interest in playing this game. The name of this game is Vampire Heads game. In it, you play as a character in which you have to survive as long as possible while fighting. You have to protect yourself in such a way that the enemy cannot compete with you. And while fighting you lose your strength. You also have to maintain that level. It is very important for you to have about forty successes in the game.

All these successes last for a certain period of time. They have a time level. While playing you have to achieve all these achievements. As time goes on, all these achievements begin to fade. To achieve these achievements you get a magic biscuit. You must achieve this within five minutes by eating it. In each game level, you get a new weapon. You choose to win the game using these weapons. You have to get all the things that are magical. 

All these weapons and all the magical things have to be used during a certain time. All of these magical things increase your power while achieving. Which you can easily compete with. You have no chance while playing it. You can cross all the stages of the game only through a magical power.

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While playing the game, each player chooses his own character. Tells your way, tells you everything about yourself. How he will use his power while fighting them during the game. It tells you that you have to travel in space for the next mission of the game. And keep an eye on everything you go through in space. You have to face a variety of adventures while going south. Which prevents you from getting there. Obstacles stand in your way. Among them are some adventurers, scary monsters, and robots.

Who try to reduce your power. And it gets you in trouble. So you get entangled with them. But you do not dare. And all stages of the game have to face these stages very cleverly using their power and brain. In this game, it is said that by July a new overworld will eat an ancient animal and many people will be added as movie characters. And this game will be presented to the players in a new way. This game will be more interesting to him. And the player will show more interest.

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In each game, the use of force during the game is told or occurs. You are told how long you have to use this power. In the same way in the middle of this game, you have to choose all the accessories. And it is said that approximately 29 to 32 minutes of your survival is very important. That you have to use all these weapons. The usefulness of all weapons is explained. 

It is up to you in the middle of the game. When the mission is completed you are given a mask. It is said that the mask is made of a variety of stones. The player wears this mask and plays. Then you get a 10% more bonus. And you have an extra 10% chance of getting to the next level.

Because of this mask, you are also given bedtime. Feel great when you wake up. And then your strength increases further. And again, this would mean that you have to spend for these processes. There are a lot of things you have to buy between games. Who can get all the items very easily by wearing this niqab?

Pummarola History

Here is a description of a character who contributes to the improvement of the athlete’s health almost every second. It is called a pummarola. But the game fills the enemies on the screen when viewed from the enemy’s point of view. Which worsens the health of the player. Also, it is said that all such things are lying around the field. Which can heal the player if destroyed. And all of these things require a lot of players. And all these accessories are very important for the player. So that they can improve their health. As you can see.

I managed to transubstantiate 5 munitions and the game details how important total damage each bonedid and how important DPS each was doing at the end of the game. I use this information along with my experience winning in all 4 combinations of situations( frenetic timber and Inlaid Library) and modes( hyperactive and Normal) to give you my prints of the stylish characters, munitions, and accessories in the game. I’ll be pertaining back to the image above for the rest of the companion as it really does a great job detailing the differences in power between the munitions in an each- out obnoxious figure.

Pummarola Armor Vampire

I will tell you about a tool that reduces the damage to the player. It is very important to have these tools. It is said that this is a device whose armor is placed. The armor protects the player from the damage caused by the game. And it takes the player up to level five. If the player uses all the weapons correctly. So he can avoid any damage during the game. Rather, he is not at risk from these losses. 

I don’t suppose this is the “ stylish ” make, just a veritably good one to get direct armament comparisons out of. I suppose there are a number of feasible shapes that will get you to the 30 nanosecond mark, and as long as you can do that also your figure was good enough. When playing, a introductory rule is to take any armament or accessory you ’re looking for that you do n’t formerly have if it gets offered to you.

Again, occasionally the game won’t offer you a Fire Wand until you ’re formerly 15 twinkles into a run. It’s preferable to position up a armament rather than take commodity new that is n’t veritably helpful( see the league lists below to help you decide what’s helpful, the game pauses when you ’re making the decision.


The success of the game exceeded Galante’s prospects and allowed him to quit his job in February 2022 to concentrate fully on development of the game. He was informally supported by” a many musketeers” in their spare time. Planned content included fresh munitions, characters, and stages, and an” endless mode”. Galante’s intent was to bring Vampire Survivors out of early access by the end of 2022.

Inventor Luca” poncle” Galante explained that he created Vampire Survivors because he wanted to manage a community, grounded on his once experience as being an admin for an Ultima Online garçon. The game was inspired by Magic Survival, a mobile game that also comported of a character automatically attacking adversaries. Development of the original early access interpretation took around a time, with Galante spending around£ 1100 on means, art, and music.

On March 24, 2022, Galante blazoned that he hired multiple freelancers to expand the Vampire Survivors platoon and the pace of development was accelerating. In addition to outlining the compass of the promised new content with a roadmap, Galante explained that a major corner slated for Summer 2022 would be porting Vampire Survivors to an” assiduity- standard” game machine to ameliorate its overall performance


The player selects one of multiple characters with different starting munitions and lagniappes, and controls them on an endless stage with an bus- generated, repeating layout. One fresh Death will appear every successive nanosecond later to insure the player’s eventual demise. A session that reaches or exceeds the stage’s time limit is considered a successful completion and rewards perk gold coins. In between sessions, accumulated gold coins can be spent to unlock new characters and patient power- ups.

The player’s munitions attack automatically, and the thing is to survive as long as possible against constant swells of monsters that induce damage when they come in contact with the player. Defeating monsters and exploring the stage allows the player to collect experience gems, which are used to level up,” bottom funk”,

Which restores the player’s health, and other helpful particulars. Each position increase provides the player the choice of three or four munitions and unresistant power- ups; once the player has collected six munitions and six power- ups and upgraded them all completely, any farther situations they gain offer only golden coins or bottom funk.

Another way to upgrade munitions and power- ups is to open cases, which are dropped by particularly important monsters and may contain one, three, or five arbitrary particulars. utmost munitions have an ultimate form that can be attained by opening a casket after completely upgrading them and meeting other specific conditions.

Sessions of Vampire Survivors have a soft time limit of 15 or 30 twinkles, depending on the stage chosen. At the time limit, the stage is cleared of all adversaries and a final, extensively strong adversary named Death will generate.

Hollow Heart

During the game an Empire Survivor named Hollow Heart Equipment. It is very important for the player to achieve this. Because it increases the health of the athlete by 9 to 12%. And it gets to level 5. With this bonus, each level of health increases 12 times. And it helps the player to reach many targets. This is a very good accessory. It does not cause any problems.

This companion is a work in progress that will ameliorate in quality as I’ve time to add further images and fill out further armament and item descriptions. I ’m publishing it now because there’s enough information to help new players trying to figure out good shapes. The last thing I ’ll say then is, prioritise buying “ quantum ” from the Power Up shop, also Move Speed and/ or Pick Up Radius as these are huge quality of life advancements. You wo n’t miss the in- game particulars for Move Speed or Pick Up Radius if you have these.The first decision you always make is what character to play, so we ’ll start then. Every character comes with a starting armament and a unresistant boost, some of which grow as they level up.

You may have noticed the character in the prefacepost-game screen was Pasqualina, shown then again. You can see her starting armament is the Runetracer, and she gives a outside of 30 increased gunshot speed at position 15. Each character’s armament and unresistant combination is important to consider, you can win with anyone if you make them rightly.

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